Thursday, July 19, 2018 | ISSN 0719-241X

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Stericycle: one man’s garbage, another man’s treasure

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Stericycle: one man’s garbage, another man’s treasure

Company is the only one in Chile certified to treat maritime residue
Edition of January 15, 2018

Garbage, waste and residue are poorly glamorous words, but waste management is essential for the environment, and when the service is not provided it is soon missed by society.

Stericycle, American company present in Chile since 2008, is the only waste management supplier certified to treat and dispose of bilge water, sludge, solid waste, recyclable solid waste, RCRA hazardous waste, and universal wastes as well as vessel potable water supply. “The maritime world has all kinds of waste and we are one of the few companies in the world certified and with the necessary infrastructure to offer the service from beginning to end. We take care of operation, traceability and responsible residue management,” comments Travis Hipp, commercial chief in interview with MundoMaritimo.

Despite the wide range of services that Stericycle offers the national maritime industry, foreign biological waste is the area wit the highest demand, since the company serves all the major cruise lines that call on Chilean ports. “We are the only company certified in Chile to retrieve, transport and treat foreign biological waste under the USDA/SAG standard and we are authorized to operate in regions V, VIII and X,” adds Hipp. “We are committed to delivering an integral maritime-port waste management service, complying with the current regulation to ensure top quality work,” he said. Also, Stericycle has waste processing facilities for bilge water, solids and as well as other services.

Educating the community

Stericycle also believes in educating the community about the regulations that control the industry. Jaime Villagrán Villegas, operations manager, highlights the Applicable regulation for maritime-port waste management (Gestión de residuos marítimo-portuario y su normativa aplicable) seminars organized by the company in 2017. “Our purpose is to work for the improvement of waste management in Chile. That’s why we organized the seminars, where national authorities talked about port environmental procedures. We look to increase conscience, make the client understand the importance of applying the current regulations in the development of maritime-port waste management,” the executive said.

We always talk to our clients about how well positioned Chile is in correct environmental handling of residue, something that doesn’t happen in other countries. We want our clients to be responsible in that way,” Hipp adds.

For 2018, Stericycle is preparing to evolve to the rhythm of technological advances to provide modern solutions for vessels of the future.

Stericycle was founded in 1989 in Chicago and began its international expansion process in 1998 arriving in Mexico. In Latinamerica the company has offices in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Puerto Rico as well as Chile.

By MundoMaritimo

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